November 2, 2011


The juncos have arrived for the winter! It's interesting that their arrival coincided with the first major frost of the season here. It's possible they have been here for a few days, but its been dark in the mornings so I haven't noticed. Off from work today and the sun has been brightly shining since it rose, it was easy to spot them out the dining room window.

October 30, 2011

Garden Notes - October 23, 2011

Garden Area: Foundation Planting - extended front garden to side garden so that it wraps around the front porch
Activity: transplanted perennials, divided and replanted daffodils; mulched, watered, applied deer repellent
Notes of interest: While digging up daffodils from perennial garden, heard a squeaking sound and saw leaves rustling. Shifting my attention to that, I waited and eventually a mole came scurrying across the bed and into the lawn. I lost sight of it as it hid in the tall grass.
Also, while digging up bleeding hearts, I observed a small, round, brownish/gray bird with yellow sides flitting between the hazelnuts and tomato plants. Checking my bird identification book, discovered that is was a ruby-crowned kinglet.
Regulus calendula

(this photo is in the public domain. Click on it to see the link.)
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