October 30, 2011

Garden Notes - October 23, 2011

Garden Area: Foundation Planting - extended front garden to side garden so that it wraps around the front porch
Activity: transplanted perennials, divided and replanted daffodils; mulched, watered, applied deer repellent
Notes of interest: While digging up daffodils from perennial garden, heard a squeaking sound and saw leaves rustling. Shifting my attention to that, I waited and eventually a mole came scurrying across the bed and into the lawn. I lost sight of it as it hid in the tall grass.
Also, while digging up bleeding hearts, I observed a small, round, brownish/gray bird with yellow sides flitting between the hazelnuts and tomato plants. Checking my bird identification book, discovered that is was a ruby-crowned kinglet.
Regulus calendula

(this photo is in the public domain. Click on it to see the link.)
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