May 3, 2010

Fox Calls

Early yesterday morning, just as dusk was approaching, I was awoken to very loud screaming. Was it a squirrel? no, much too loud. A lost peacock (how could it get here from Beardsley Zoo?)? No, they sleep at night I believe. Each time I heard the scream, it was coming from a different area. This animal moved quickly! I got out of bed and looked out the various windows in the house, trying to locate it. As the sky got brighter, I heard the sound coming from the hill to the right of our backyard. I listened and watched. Finally, there it was! A red fox! Funny, we have had a red fox living on this property for many years. We see it many times each year. This the first time it has ever made this type of sound. Later in the morning, I searched the internet for fox calls and found this:

It could be a male or female fox and the sound it is making is probably a mating call. Maybe this is a new fox trying to find the fox that lives here. I hope it finds a mate and has a den of fox cubs! How wonderful that would be to see them.

Last night, after sunset at about 8:30 p.m. Mr/Ms Fox began its search again.

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