June 20, 2012

A Baby Bunny - The Newest Visitor to Our Backyard

Last Friday I was doing some weeding and planting in the fenced garden and thinking how nice it would be to discover a new creature here. I prayed and asked God to show me a small animal up close; not one that could bite like a snake, but maybe a toad, salamander or chipmunk. Not more than a half hour passed when out of the corner of my eye, a very tiny rabbit scrambled from between a row of raised beds and scurried under the compost tumblers! This was a first! I consider that a prayer answered!

The question is how the baby bunny got into the garden. There is chicken wire running the bottom of the entire length of fencing as well as under the tool shed. I did have the garden gates open, so it is possible he scampered in through one of those. We can see him from the windows of the house, happily eating the grass and weeds that are growing on the ground. He is too small yet to reach the raised beds. Yesterday while watering, he appeared and did not seem too afraid of me, but I got a little too close so he escaped into the toolshed.  When I was done watering, I got my camera hoping to be able to snap a picture of him. I placed a handful of freshly picked dandelion greens in the doorway and waited. He didn't appear. I got tired of waiting so set about taking photos of the plants and insects also inhabiting this garden.  The bunny did emerge once again and I was able to get this photo! Cute isn't he? (or she?)

Here is a link to the other photos I took of the garden:


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