November 24, 2012

Young Red Shouldered Hawk

 This beautiful immature red shouldered hawk was sitting on a tree branch right outside the dining room this morning. It was waiting for the birds to come to the feeders for breakfast so that he could get his. They must have known he was there because come they did not! While he was patiently waiting, I went up one flight to the bedroom, opened the window and took several photos. I love the fluffed up feathers. I wish I could pet him!


  1. Beautiful Susan, I've been enjoying the few I see out at by the woods where I walk and the other day I almost got head knocked by a sharpshined hawk...someone was trying to wake me up.

  2. Ahhhh, one of my favorite raptors. So vociferous, so fierce, so beautiful.



  3. Great shot! He definitely looks like he is waiting on food :) We have a hawk that flies around our home but I've yet been able to get a shot.


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